I want to still be sleeping but I have to go to work and carve a pumpkin and then I have a meeting with our DYS and then I have to print out the corps cadet lesson and if I’m lucky I will find a way to take a nap in there somewhere because I have to be there until 8 and then take kids home and I don’t know if I can be energized that long without sleeping because I slept pretty horribly last night.

Run-on sentence much?

Hope you’re well.




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John Mulaney is my favorite comedian for a reason.

I’m apparently at that point where I have to get like REAL ADULT HEALTH INSURANCE and that’s terrifying because I don’t even know what to do or which things to select.

How am I 22?

The lady I’m staying with said that if people’s beliefs don’t line up a certain way, they have no business teaching.

She was saying this in response to my not thinking gay marriage is wrong.

So basically I have no business teaching.

christianity church thoughts?