I’m here, I’m alive, and it seems I’ve got my work cut out for me (which I always thought meant something was easy).

Take it away, Ernie…

I had to say goodbye to these people again. I mean, it’s a ‘see you later’ sort of goodbye, but also an ‘I don’t quite know how long until it’s later’ sort of goodbye.

Tomorrow morning, I’m making the three hour journey to the place I’m going to live and work for at least the next year-ish of my life. I’m going to be so far from all the people I already love and it’s scaring me half to death. I might have an Adult Heart Attack (oh, Hales…)

This is going to be such a great opportunity, I’m certain of it, but I’m still scared.

If you’re the praying type, please say one for me.

Hope you’re well.


moving i am terrified friends

I’m leaving in less than two hours crisis mode crisis mode ahhh I’m freaking out.