I’ve recently become fascinated by why tuition costs have risen so much in the last 30 years. I mean…it’s insane, and it doesn’t result in a better education. It turns out, for the most part, that it’s marketing. Universities spending money so that they look better than other universities so they get more and better students so that they can make more money (largely via student loans.)

Student loans mean well, and they’re vital. But the education industry has been economically incentivized by their easy access to raise prices and get more students paying more. Schools that don’t spend lots of money on luxury dorms and top notch sports programs don’t grow…kids don’t go to them because, effectively, it’s the same price for 18 year olds because the loans are available.

We should start a university that costs $3000 per year, but you have to sleep on a cot with six other people in the room. Like Hogwarts.

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So you know that scene in Dazed and Confused where Mike realises he doesn’t want to be an ACLU lawyer because he doesn’t really like people and he’s a misanthrope and all that?

Well I really freaking want to help people but goodness I cannot stand the mentality some people barricade themselves into, like they’re better than other races or genders or whatever, and I wish I could either be an incredible speaker so I could convince people to recognise their faulty thinking or shut all those people out of the realm of general civilisation.

And those things seemed connected in my head somehow.


Started a new creative idea today. I have been wanting to film my lettering process for a while and decided to muck around with something quick this afternoon. This was filmed super basically–ipad, a glass coffee table, hyperlapse and iMovie. It was fun, but next time I am definitely going to make sure I have my Nikon and tiny tripod on hand. Also lol at receiving a text message in the middle of this. I am hoping to improve my filming/editing skills as well as lettering and do many more of these so if you have a phrase/lyric/quote you would love to see, totally leave it in my inbox. Enjoy :)

this is cool she is talented yes yes yes

I recorded a bit of this thunder storm we’re presently having. Most of the video is dark but there’s some cool lightning in there. :)

thunderstorm rain lightning it's awesome